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The Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) will be organizing the National Arbiter Online Seminar to be held next weekend on 14th and 15th November 2020. The 2-day program will be facilitated by IA Abd Hamid Abd Majid and assisted by FA Syawal Aqmar Shahrir Ariff. IA Abd Hamid is a qualified FIDE Arbiter Lecturer with more than 30 years experience as Arbiter at many International events – the last being appointed as a member of the Appeals Committee at the Women World Chess Championship between Ju Wenjun (China) and Aleksandra Goryachkina (Russia) held earlier this year in Shanghai, China. On the other hand, while this will be FA Syawal Aqmar first involvement in running a National Arbiter’s Seminar, he is without a doubt, one of the more active Arbiter and Organizer within the local chess scene having manage and organized many National and International level events

The seminar will cover some of the more critical areas of Arbitering which includes the Laws of Chess, the concept of Swiss Pairing and its ensuing tie breaks, the use of Swiss Manager and one of the more important and hot topic – anti cheating. At the end of the second day of the seminar, participants will be required to take a 2-hour written exam to test their knowledge and understanding of what they have learned Those who pass the exam will be one step closer towards becoming a National Arbiter and from then on, to continue their journey to attain the FA (FIDE Arbiter) title and the IA (International Arbiter) title.

The fees for the 2 day event will be RM 160 per person which will cover material for the seminar (except for Swiss Manager license) and examination fees, and those who passed the exam will earn a Certificate from the Malaysian Chess Federation. For a full schedule of the Seminar, please CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE SEMINAR’S SCHEDULE. Those who are interested to join are required to fill up the registration form (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD REGISTRATION FORM) and submit the completed form together with proof of payment to mcfsecretariat@malaysiachess.org, inquiries@malaysiachess.org and copy to drziner@gmail.com (MCF Treasurer). All payments are to be credited to the Persekutuan Catur Malaysia – CIMB 8000649725. The minimum age requirement to join the Seminar is 16 years old and the seminar is only open to Malaysian Citizens.

The Seminar is open to everyone – players, parents, teachers, organizers and everyone else who would like to learn more about chess and how it is played or contested. For teachers who are taking care of their school chess club, the Seminar will allow them to understand the commonly used tournament system and format involved in a chess tournament. For parents, it will allow them to understand some of the more critical Laws that Arbiter used to decide a ruling. In short, anyone and everyone are welcome to join the seminar to learn more about chess Rules and Regulations to ensure that they are aware of these Laws of Chess when attending chess championships and tournaments.

Closing date to register is Thursday, 12th November 2020.

MCF Secretariat