• 12:56 am Commonwealth Chess Championship 2022 – Sri Lanka (13th to 23rd Nov)
  • 9:39 pm MCF Confirms Entries for World Junior, Continental, and Asian Amateur
  • 2:48 pm Interested to be recognized and certified FIDE Trainer?
  • 11:47 am ASIAN Youth Squad to Bali Named
  • 12:10 pm 6th Eastern Asia (ASEAN) Youth Chess Championship in Bangkok, Thailand from 4th to 13th Nov 2022

1. All applications for FIDE rated events will only be accepted from MCF state affiliates. However, international, national and developmental events directly organised by MCF need not go through MCF state affiliates.

2. MCF no longer accepts direct applications from FIDE or MCF titled arbiters, from those in the now disbanded National Chess Organisers program, from chess academies, and/or private or commercial organisers. These will all have to go through MCF state affiliates.

3. On applications for a FIDE ID, the player may request directly from the MCF FIDE Rating Officer but MCF will require verification from their state affiliate. MCF state affiliates may also apply for a FIDE ID on behalf of their endorsed event organiser.

4. For FIDE standard chess events, the registration fee is RM 500 for Swiss tournaments and RM 150 for Round Robin tournaments with an additional fee of RM 10 per player, and for FIDE rapid chess events, the registration fee is RM 250 with an additional fee of RM 3 per player.

5. The MCF Treasurer in consultation with the MCF Competitions Chairman with input from the MCF FIDE Rating Officer will determine the amount of deposit needed. On receipt of tournament report, the MCF Treasurer will bill the state affiliate for any additional charges due.

6. Applicants for FIDE rated events will be advised by the MCF FIDE Ratings Officer of the information required for him or her to register a specific FIDE rated tournament but typically would need the name of Chief Arbiter, type and format of the event, dates, number of rounds, time control and the total prize fund together with organiser contact details.

7. The event’s designated Chief Arbiter and the Pairings Officer must be approved by MCF. The MCF Rating Officer also has the right to reject incompletely submitted tournament reports, and with repeated failure to comply, MCF will to not submit it for FIDE rating.

Download: FIDE Rated Event Application Form