• 10:24 pm Wrapping Up 2023 with more events in store
  • 12:06 am Sabah to Host Eastern Asia Juniors and Girls Chess Championship 2023
  • 10:13 pm MCF Names Its Junior Squad to World Youth CC in Italy
  • 12:08 pm MCF Sets Up Arbiter’s Commission
  • 6:07 pm MCF Names Its Cadets Squad to Egypt

Since the MCF ID system started almost a year ago, 1,100 players have signed up as registered players with the Federation – short of its target of 5,000 players by end of 2022. Currently, only MCF events are National Rated with one/two organizers opting to use the system. To encourage more organizers to use the MCF Rating list/system, an incentive program for organizers is being deployed to encourage the use of the system and to attract more players to sign up as MCF registered players.

Many are not aware that the fee to register for MCF ID has been maintained at RM20 – although it was supposed to increase, with NO COST or FREE FOR ORGANIZERS to use to run their events as Nationally rated. Unlike FIDE events, not ALL PLAYERS are required to have MCF ID for the event to be rated but, Organizers are requested to make sure that the player’s MCF ID is correctly tagged when submitting the TUN file else, the player’s ratings will not be calculated.

The incentive MCF is introducing is to give back RM5 to the organizer for every player that registers for a new MCF ID who is playing in their MCF Rated event. Organizers can claim their incentive by registering their new players at https://forms.gle/zkEr6V1beT4USeYw8 and once they submit their TUN file to MCF after the event is completed, MCF will verify the numbers for the incentive funds to be credited. While a new player may register to play in 2 or 3 events at the same time, MCF will look at the time stamp as to when and who registers the player first in the portal for the claim to be valid.

The incentive is open to any organization – with proper bank accounts and registration (MCF will request the bank details after the calculation is made) as opposed to FIDE Registration where only State Associations will earn the incentive. However, the MCF ID incentives can only be earned by a legal organization and not individual persons.

Another additional incentive is that – if the event has more than 100 players and ALL PLAYERS have MCF ID (new or otherwise), an added incentive of RM100 will be given back to the organizer. This is to fasten the pace to get as many players and organizers to start using the National Rating in 2023.

By comparison, when Malaysia had the National Rating System, the listing had 29,894 registered players in 2017 with another 3,000+ foreigners. Out of that, less than 16% are regular players, but more alarming was that more than 50% of players only played in a single National Rated event. With the current MCF Rating system being more structured and automated, it will reduce registration errors, duplicated entries, and a simpler management process where the rating can be updated and downloaded every month.

To claim the incentives, organizers are required to:
1) write to mcfsecretariat@malaysiachess.org at least 1 week BEFORE the event starts.
2) inform the new players to register for an MCF ID at least 2 DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT STARTS to ensure timely approval.
3) go to https://forms.gle/zkEr6V1beT4USeYw8 to fill up the player’s details in order to make the claim.
4) the organizer must ensure that the player’s MCF ID is properly tagged in the Swiss Manager TUN file. MCF is not obliged to check as such, organizers’ claims may be ignored.
5) submit the Swiss Manager TUN File to MCF Secretariat within 3 days after the event concludes. An organizer can submit later but, will risk losing players who may have registered for other events where the other organizer has already made a claim.
6) Once MCF has checked the numbers, the organizer will be required to submit their bank details for the incentive to be paid – within 1 month after the file has been submitted.

The incentive scheme will run from 1st April until 1st July 2023 but may be extended as and when required.

For further inquiries, please write to mcfsecretariat@malaysiachess.org.

MCF Secretariat