• 12:40 pm Online Arbiters Workshop – Conducted by ASIAN Chess Federation
  • 6:37 pm XTiv Series Grand Prix Leaders (Corrected for Open)
  • 12:46 pm Xtiv Series 4 Registration is NOW OPEN!
  • 4:08 pm XTiv Series 3 – Players are advice to check email and click Ready in Tornelo
  • 8:39 pm MCF Online Blitz Chess Tournament 2021 – Quarter 2

List of players for Malaysian Chess Championship have been updated to Chess-Results.com:

Open : http://chess-results.com/tnr437598.aspx
Women : http://chess-results.com/tnr437597.aspx

Registration is still open until 14th May 2019 – no penalty for late registration. If you have already registered, please check if your name is in the listing and alert the organizer if it is otherwise.