• 10:48 am Apply for ASIAN YOUTH CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP 2022 – Bali, Indonesia (13th-22nd October 2022)
  • 8:35 pm MCF President Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah Sanusi at FIDE Congress
  • 6:43 pm MCF Calendar – August onwards
  • 7:07 pm 44th World Olympiad: Go Team Malaysia!
  • 4:00 pm World Youth U16 Chess Olympiad 2022 and World Junior U20 Chess Championship 2022
The Official Players are
1. Praneal Balan (NYCC U8 Boys 2nd) for U7 Boys
2. Yee Hao Loong (NYCC U10 Boys 3rd) for U9 Boys
3. Muhd Adam Sufi Md Rizam (NYCC U12 Boys 4th) for U13 Boys
4. Yeoh Yuan Hui (NYCC U14 Boys 1st) for U15 Boys
5. Tin Shan Wen (NYCC U18 Boys 1st) for U17 Boys
6. Vissnupriya Prushotman (NYCC U10 Girls 3rd) for U11 Girls
7. Damia Qaisara Fahmi (NYCC U12 Girls 4th) for U13 Girls
8. Nur Faiqah Aminuddin (NYCC U16 Girls 2nd) for U15 Girls.
The players must pay for the flight ticket, registration fee, and entry fee on your own. All participants listed above have been notified by emails from mcfselection@gmail.com. Please liaise with En Hamid (019-3158098 or aham@pc.jaring.asia) for more details.