• 10:24 pm Wrapping Up 2023 with more events in store
  • 12:06 am Sabah to Host Eastern Asia Juniors and Girls Chess Championship 2023
  • 10:13 pm MCF Names Its Junior Squad to World Youth CC in Italy
  • 12:08 pm MCF Sets Up Arbiter’s Commission
  • 6:07 pm MCF Names Its Cadets Squad to Egypt

Including questions regarding MCF ID registration

The use of the revived National Rating system a.k.a MCF Rating, begins to gain support from a few organizers who have submitted request to use the system for their tournaments. Events that will deploy the MCF ratings are:

  1. National Youth Chess Championship 2023 (Organized by MCF)
  2. Pertandingan Catur Bawah 12 Tahun Sempena Sambutan Meraikan Kanak-Kanak 2023 (Organized by Cerdik Catur)
  3. 8th SJKC Kuen Cheng 1 Chess Championship 2023 (Organized by KL Chess Academy)
  4. AC Age Group Chess Competition 2023 (Organized by AC Global Chess Academy)

MCF would like to remind organizers that the fee to organize a National Rated event using the MCF Rating system is FREE and will remain so until yearend. There is also an incentive program where organizers will earn RM100 if they are able to get 100% of its players as MCF registered. Additionally, MCF will also pay RM5 per player for organizers who are able to get players to register for an MCF ID – terms and condition applies as players may register for 2 or more events in one go.

As the numbers grew in the last few days, there has been a slight system glitch where some players were not able to receive email verification hence, their registration has been left hanging. The glitch has since been corrected and applicants are requested to:
1) Check again their Inbox folder for the verification email
2) Check in their SPAM/JUNK folder for the same verification email
3) If both 1&2 do not work, write to mcfsecretariat@malaysiachess.org and provide players full name, date of application, email address used and an alternate email address for MCF to follow up.

In the usual timeline, it will take between 5 and 7 days for the application to be approved, but in most cases, most applications are approved within 2-3 days. For smooth registration, players are requested to provide proof of payment (that indicates a “SUCCESSFUL” transaction) via Instant Transfer or DuitNow Transfer, and indicate the name of the player on the proof of payment.

MCF is in the midst of improving its system (with payment gateway) and an additional system that will allow players to register directly for an MCF event by keying in their MCF ID only. MCF expects the system to be launched in Q3 of 2023 with more enhancements planned for Q4 of 2023.

MCF Secretariat