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  • 6:37 pm XTiv Series Grand Prix Leaders (Corrected for Open)
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  • 8:39 pm MCF Online Blitz Chess Tournament 2021 – Quarter 2

In view of the growing issues and concerns with regards to Online tournaments organized by many chess organizers around the country, the Malaysian Chess Federation has decided to implement stricter requirements in order for activities to be endorsed and recognized as a National level event.

Additional requirements that organizers will need to fulfill include the use of webcam for all participants in order for them to be monitored, and the number of Arbiters required to oversee the event. Organizers and Chief Arbiters involved in the event would need to sign a declaration form agreeing to implement these rules, and organizers are also requested to share the video link with the Federation for the event to be monitored to make sure that it is managed accordingly. Failure to comply with any of these requirements will jeopardize future application by the organizer or the Chief Arbiter not only for Online events, but other activities and programs including Over-The-Board events as well.

The Federation hopes that with the new requirements imposed for organizers and players involved in the tournament, future issues and dissatisfactions can be minimized or eliminated to ensure a fairer playing conditions.

Organizers planning to seek MCF endorsements to organize a National Level Online Tournaments are requested to download and complete the following forms, and return it to mcfsecretariat@malaysiachess.org when making an application:

  1. Event Application Form
  2. Organizer Declaration Form

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MCF Secretariat