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The Persatuan Catur Negeri Kedah (PERCAK) and supported by the the Malaysian Chess Federation, will be organizing the first edition of National Arbiter Online Seminar for 2021 to be held form 5th to 7th March 2021.

Similar with the previous National Arbiter Online Seminar held last year with Persatuan Catur Negeri Perlis, the fees to join the seminar is RM 160 per person which includes an exam fee of RM 20 that the participant would need to take at the end of the Seminar. Upon passing the exam, aspiring Arbiters would need to submit at least two (2) Arbiter certificates as proof of having executed the duties of an Arbiter in a tournament, before they can be considered and submitted to FIDE to be awarded the title National Arbiter. The Arbiter certificates submitted must have been for events that were completed within the last 3 years taking into account that the Laws of Chess was last revised in 2017.

For this edition of the National Arbiter Online Seminar, the Lecturer will be FA Najib Abdul Wahab, MCF Honorary Secretary, who had also participated as a Moderator in the previous seminar. An experienced Arbiter with many International and National events such as the Malaysian Chess Championship, Malaysia Chess Festival and National Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship under his belt, Najib last outing as a Lecturer for a National Arbiter Seminar was in February 2017 when it was held at International Youth Center in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

NA Seminar held in 2017 organized by the then MCF Secretary Gregory Lau,
with Najib as the main Lecturer.

Those who are interested to participate in this seminar can click on the following link https://ebayar.onpay.my/order/form/seminar-na to register as participants. Only 30 seats are available for the seminar and as the event is organized by the Persatuan Catur Kedah, priority are given to Kedahan with 20 seats allocated for its citizen and the balance 10 seats for non Kedahan applicants.

MCF Secretariat