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After 3 days of play and 9 rounds later, the ASIAN Schools for the Girls Category came to an end yesterday with a commendable show of performance by our Girls.

Our Malaysian Girls dressing up for the occasion : Azzalea, Huda and Aqilah

Most impressive was the U15 Girls Team comprised of WFM Agnes Chong Kai NI, Swetha Thamil Manni, Janice Lim and Teh Yi-Lynn who did very well to secure the Bronze medal for Malaysia A – only half point behind silver medalist Philippines and 2.5 points adrift from the eventual winner India A. WFM Agnes herself was Malaysia’s overall best performer, securing a personal bronze medal for her outstanding performance the U15 event. In the same age category, the gold medal went to Philippine lass followed by India in the second spot. Still in the same age group, another glittering performance came from Swetha Thamil Manni who also scored 6 points but beaten by the better tie break to end in 5th place. Janice Lim with 5 points was 12th overall and Teh Yi Lynn with 3 points was at 44th position. Malaysia B was in 9th place with 16.5 points led by Hashsya Nawwaarah Mohd Faris with 5.5 points from 9 games.

In the U17 age category, Nurul Akma Quzaina ended the event in 12th place followed by Azraa Adeline Azman in 15th place after each collected 5 points from their 9 encounters. However, on the team front, Malaysia A only managed to secure 8th position while Malaysia B ended 4 places lower at 12th place. Philippines A Team won the Gold Medal followed by India A in second place and India B in third. Individually, Philippines ended the game with a Gold Medal followed by a pair of Indian players in 2nd and 3rd position.

WFM Agnes Chong – Bronze Medalist U15

In the U13 age category, the team fate was similar to U17 teams where Malaysia A ended in 8th position whilst Malaysia B in 12th position. However, on the individual performance, only Saffiah Maisarah Mohd Fadzli managed to rise above the others by scoring 6 points out of 9 games to end in 9th place overall. Another Malaysian player – Farihah Nur Aisyah Mohd Azman, was a distant away in 31st placing with 5 points. (Correction: It was earlier mentioned as 3 points. We sincere apologize for the mistake as it was unintentional. Farihah Nur Aisyah actuall score was 5 points)

Malaysia faired slightly better in the U11 age category – finishing in 6th place for Malaysia A and 9th for Malaysia B. Ashwiniy Kumaran was Malaysia’s best performer having scored 5.5 points out of 9 rounds followed by Aqilah Husna Ainul Fikri in 22nd place with 5 points and Abby Tan Li Shuen in 30th place – also with 5 poitns. Next were Huda Khairina Khairul Anwar in 33rd place and Thenmolli Vengadasalam in 39th place – each securing 4 points from 9 rounds.

In the U9 age category, Malaysia ended in the 11th place with Shakti Nathan as our leading performer having scored 4.5 points from 9 rounds. Malaysia only fielded one team for the U9 category and for the U7 age category, Malaysia did not field any representatives.

India B was the better team in U13 age category edging India B for the Gold Medal with Singapore in 3rd place for the Bronze Medal. It was the same for the Individual medal tally with India taking the top 2 spots and Singapore rounding up the podium finish.

In the U11 category, Iran A had the Gold Medal with Iran B had the better score to earn themselves a Silver Medal with India A securing the Bronze. Iran dominated the Individual medals earning the Gold and Silver with the Bronze going to Mongolia.

For the U9 category, India A was the Gold medalist edging Iran B in second place and Mongolia in 3rd. However, for the individual medal, Bangladesh edged Iran and Mongolia to secure the country’s only Gold medal in the Championship.

For the U7 age category, the podium winners was again India A followed by Iran A and Mongolia A. On the individual performers, India had 5 players in the top 6 places with the sole bronze went to a Philippine youngster.

India and Iran dominated most of the age categories but faced some challenges from Mongolia for the lower age group bracket, and Philippines as the more serious contender in the higher age categories.

In any event, thanks to all the players that took part in the event – and the support that we received from parents and coaches, as we in MCF hope that all participants have gained valuable learning experience form the Championship, and will continue to strive forward towards improvement for future events that will open up for more opportunities to shine.

No matter what the score was – CONGRATS EVERYONE! It was a good showing….

MCF Secretariat