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Application to represent Malaysia at the upcoming World Cup 2021 to be held in Sochi, Russia that is supposed to close tomorrow, is now extended until 3rd June 2021. FIDE has finalized the event’s schedule which is to be held from 10th July 2021 until 3rd August 2021. A total of 206 players from all over the world will participate in the event with a total of 78 players to battle it in the first round in order to qualify for the Knock Out Format.

So far for Malaysia, MCF has received a couple of applications but for the Men event, we are yet to receive any. Although a few more players have inquired about the event, no additional formal applications has been received.

website page for World Cup 2021 https://worldcup.fide.com/

Players who are interested to apply to participate must also ensure that they are able to comply with all the KBS, KKM MKN and Immigration ruling regarding quarantine processes, duration and fees – if any, and be responsible for their own board and lodging cost, travelling cost and other related cost throughout the duration of the event. Whilst MCF will provide the necessary support where possible, players are advised to also seek their own resources and financial support in order to take part in the event. Nonetheless, those who are selected to play in the World Cup will definitely be able to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to play and mingle with the best of the best chess players – and chess celebrities, from all over the world. Definitely something that will color your chess resume for others to envy

Those who are interested to apply are advised to write to mcfsecretariate@malaysiachess.org on or before 3rd June (dateline extended) and provide the following information:
1. Full Name:
3. FIDE Rating (Standard):
4. Mobile Number
5. Recent Achievements/Notable Achievements:
6. Why MCF should choose me?
7. Other relevant/supporting information
8. Source of Funding: Self / Sponsor / School / Company (name) / Others (Please specify)

MCF Secretariat