• 2:17 pm Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha
  • 1:24 pm Malaysia in Pool A (Div. 3) – Games starting at 4:00pm on 7th August 2020
  • 7:47 pm Apply as MCF Satellite Online venue – Free Registration for qualified centers/academies
  • 1:25 pm Malaysian Team at the Online Olympiad
  • 2:22 pm FIDE Veteran Support Program – Relief Fund for Chess Veterans 65+

As of yesterday, MCF has received 21 applications from all over the country including one Malaysian who is stationed abroad.

A total of 14 Men and 7 Women players have applied for a place in the team inclusive of 7 Boys and 5 Girls. As the team line up will consist of 2 Open players, 2 Women players, 1 Open Junior Player (U20) and 1 Junior Girls (U20), everyone seems to have a fair chance at beiong selected for the inaugural event. Based on MCF selection criteria using the Merit system, while having a higher rating may provide come edge, recent activity and overall performance will also play a key part and determining the successful applicants.

The final team list shall be announced no later than 11th May with the final date to register for the Olympiad has been set for 13th May by FIDE.

MCF Secretariat