• 10:48 am Apply for ASIAN YOUTH CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP 2022 – Bali, Indonesia (13th-22nd October 2022)
  • 8:35 pm MCF President Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah Sanusi at FIDE Congress
  • 6:43 pm MCF Calendar – August onwards
  • 7:07 pm 44th World Olympiad: Go Team Malaysia!
  • 4:00 pm World Youth U16 Chess Olympiad 2022 and World Junior U20 Chess Championship 2022


The Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) hereby offers application to all schools in Malaysia to participate in the first ever World Online School Chess Tournament 2020-201 that will run from April 2020 until March 2021. Organized by the Spanish Pavilion of Expo Dubai 2020 and endorsed by Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE), the event preliminary rounds will run between April 2020 and March 2021 with the top 10-12 schools to participate in the tournament’s final segment held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from 29th to 31st March 2021.

While the Rules and Regulations require each team to balance its’ players composition between boys and girl players, the organizer has confirmed that “all boys only” or “all girls only” schools are also allowed to participate provided this condition is declared up front. Where the schools are coed, a combined participation from both boy and girl players should be reflected in the team’s line up as balanced as possible. Most importantly, teams must consist of players from the same school which will need to be certified by the respective school administrator prior to submission. Each team will have seven (7) main players and up to two (2) reserves players, all of whom are born after 31st December 2003.

As each country is allowed to send only 10 teams, schools that are interested to participate in this first ever World Online school tournament are required to fill up the attached form and email it to the following email addresses (mcfsecretariat@malaysiachess.org, inquiries@malaysiachess.org & cio@malaysiachess.org)  before 20th March 2020 to allow MCF to select the teams that will represent Malaysia for the event.

Please click HERE to download the event information and application form. Please do not submit the information directly to FIDE/Organizer as MCF would like to review the application prior to the final submission.

All schools in Malaysia – regardless whether it is a public school under KPM, an MRSM school under MARA, a public school and/or any other established educational institutions, are welcome to submit their application to participate in the event. Please take note that all players must have a valid FIDE ID in order to participate in the event. Those who require a FIDE ID can submit their application to MCF (with a RM50 application fees) via our official website at https://malaysiachess.org/fide-id-application/.

We look forward to receiving applications from schools from all over the country. For more information or clarification, feel free to contact MCF as per the above email addresses provided.

MCF Secretariat