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With the conclusion of the Xtiv Series 4, the final listing of the top 32 players for the Ladies and U12 categories that qualify for the Knock Out Stage has been finalized. For the Open and U18 categories, the listing is being confirmed and once that is done, it will be shared later this weekend for players to view and prepare for the knockout stage.

As the games will be played over 2 games, the organizer will be adding another day to complete knock out stage for all the categories. With some players qualifying for several categories, it was quite impossible to run all the categories concurrently as it will deprive some players of displaying their best potential in the other categories. With that said, the Round of 32 will be played on 10th August (Tuesday – Awal Muharram Public Holiday) as per the following schedule:

The balance of the rounds will be played as scheduled on 14th and 15th August 2021.

For the knock out format, players will play 2 games against their opponent – the higher seeded player (based on GP Points) to play White in Game 1, and Black in Game 2. If score is tied at 1-1, the game will proceed with Armageddon tie break where the higher seeded player will have the option either to play White or Black in the final game. In Armageddon game, White will have 5 minutes against Black 4 minutes but, it will be a “must win” situation for White. Black only needs a draw to qualify the next round.

For the Ladies and U12 categories, the list of qualifiers are as displayed below. Players are requested to contact the organizer via email at mcfsecretariat@malaysiachess.org to confirm their acknowledgement and agreement to play in the final 32. Those who are not able to play, will forfeit their game(s) allowing their opponent to proceed to the next round.

The cash prize money is only awarded to the top 8 players (the Quarterfinal stage) with the eventual Champion to earn RM1,000 for their effort.

MCF Secretariat