• 10:31 am Events Submitted for MCF Rating – and future MCF Rated events
  • 3:39 pm Malaysia to Organize Commonwealth Chess Championship 2023-24 from 19th to 28th February in Melaka
  • 10:25 pm Malaysians Youth To Participate At The 25th Asian Youth Chess Championship in Al-Ain, UAE
  • 1:03 am Eastern Asian Juniors and Girls Chess Championship 2023 Officially Kicked Off in Sabah
  • 12:42 pm ASIAN Online Chess Championship for Players with Disabilities

With one more Series to go, the following are the top 50 GP leaders for each of the category contested. As only 32 players will qualify for the Final Knock Out in August, the following rules will be used to determine who will qualify – should their GP points are the same, and the seedings for the Knock Out

  1. Total GP point collected.
  2. If the GP points are the same between 2 or more players, the player with the higher total game points accumulated over the course of the series will have the higher seeding. Hence, the player who plays in more series will be more likely to accumulate the points.
  3. The next tie break is based on the number of series that the player has participated in. If player A and B has the same GP points and the same game points, but player A only played in Series 1 and 3, while player B participated in all the series, then player B will be ranked higher.
  4. If both players participated in the same number of series, the player who played in the earliest series, will be chosen hence those who participated in Series 1 will have the better edge.
  5. If this is still the same – where players involved had also participated in the same earlier series, then the player with the higher final ranking in the first series where all these players had participated in, will determine the player’s ranking.

Only the final 8 players will earn prize money with the eventual champion to win RM1,000 for his/her effort. The format for knockout will consist of 2 main games per round (player to alternate colors) and in the event of a tie, the higher seeded player will have the option to play either white or black in an Armageddon style elimination where White has 5 minutes to play but in a “must win situation”, but black only has 4 minutes but only need a draw to win.

Ladies GP Standings – top 50

Under 12 GP Standings – Top 50

Under 18 GP Standings – Top 50

Open Category GP Standings – Top 50 (Correction made on 18th June 2021)

MCF Secretariat