• 9:46 pm National Training Program For Juniors – Application is now Open!
  • 2:33 pm POSTPONED: Federal Territory Classical Chess Championship 2020
  • 4:56 pm FIDE Online World Cadets & Youth Rapid Chess Championships – Selection and Applications
  • 6:23 pm 1st National Individual Rapid Online Chess Championship 2020 – Results are out!
  • 8:41 pm Next Major Event – National and International

With 3 more days to go before registration closes, a total of 38 players have already registered for the inaugural event. Some of the more prominent chess personalities that will be taking part in the event are IM Jimmy Liew, former National Champions Evan Timothy Capel and Lee Soi Hock, and veteran Ahmad Muzaffar.

Again as a reminder, if there are less than 64 player playing, the event will proceed directly to the Final Rounds which is scheduled on 24/25 October 2020. Even if the number of players exceeded 64, the organizer may still opt for the more direct and straightforward final should this is the more efficient mode.

Players are requested to go to chess-results.com to view the list of names and check their chess.com handle ID to make sure that their name are properly registered. Please click the following link at http://chess-results.com/tnr536956.aspx?lan=1 for more information.

Again another reminder, the last date to register will be 8th October 2020 and by 10th October 2020, the Organizer/MCF will confirm whether the event will be broken down into two qualifying stages or will directly proceed to the final rounds. All the best!

MCF Secretariat