• 4:25 pm Another International Event Looms – 8th Eastern Asian Youth Chess Championship 2024
  • 12:13 am Malaysian Chess Championship 2024 – Here We Go!
  • 1:20 pm National Youth Chess Championship 2024 – 25th to 27th May 2024 (UTP, Seri Iskandar, Perak)
  • 3:15 pm Malaysian Chess Championship 2024 – Updates

Scrambling for time and with more than 25 interested hopefuls eager to fill the available spots, it was hard work for the Selection Committee headed by Vice President Yeoh Chin Seng in determining the rightful representatives to don the National colors. Set to be played from 27th to 29th March 2021 (Saturday to Monday next week), the event is hosted by the Chess Federation of Sri Lanka and recognized by the ASIAN Chess Federation.

After much deliberation, MCF has agreed to send 4 teams to the ASIAN level event – 2 Boys Team and 2 Girls Team, consisting of 9 Boys and 9 Girls. As the players were given the chance to decide the structure of each team, both Team A for the Boys and the Girls have opted to play without a reserve – meaning all 4 players will play the entire 9 rounds on their own, while both Team B opted for the reserve option allowing a reserve player to be included which will provide a breathing gap for a player to rest if required. Team B also took into consideration that players may have connectivity issues and having a reserve logging in from a different site would definitely come in handy.

While the final board order and/or reserves are yet to be decided, the line up for the team are as follows:

Our young but eager National U14 Teams

Congratulations to all the players on being selected and ALL THE BEST to the team – MAKE US PROUD!

#togetherwecan #malaysiaboleh #staysafe

MCF Secretariat