• 12:52 pm ACF ZONAL 3.3 CHAMPIONSHIP (Hybrid Mode) – MCF opens up for players below 1900
  • 8:48 pm Salam Ramadhan Al Mubarak 1442 Hijrah
  • 11:32 am ACF ZONAL 3.3 CHAMPIONSHIP – Hybrid Mode…. Last Day To Submit Interest
  • 12:22 pm Youngster Poh Yu Tian crowned as MCF-KUPTM National Hybrid Champion 2021

Some of the popular questions asked by those interested to participate. More questions will be posted if there are new questions received from those interested.

I am not a Selangor resident/I was not born in Selangor. Can I participate? Yes. Anyone can participate but, ONLY Selangor residence or those born in Selangor will be eligible for the Grand Final.

I am currently overseas. Can I participate? The event is open to all however, if you are playing from overseas, we will not be able to transfer your winning prize in full as certain charges will be deducted for the money transfer services.

Is camera/webcam and zoom necessary? Yes. We will need to monitor everyone while the rounds are being played. If you do not have a camera/webcam or does not appear in zoom, the organizer has the right to eject you from the series, or exclude you from getting the cash prize or the grand prix points

Can I play in all 4 series? Yes, you can register for all the series offered but, each series will have a different Registration portal. For Series 2, you have to wait until the Registration form is published

I have collected the most Grand Prix points. Can I play in the Grand Final? ONLY if you are a Selangor resident or was born in Selangor. THIS RULING HAS BEEN CHANGED. ALL MALAYSIAN in MALAYSIA CAN BE SELECTED/INVITED FOR THE FINAL IF THEY ARE THE TOP GRAND PRIX POINTS EARNERS.

How do you distribute the Grand Prix pints? Grand Prix point are given to all winners – from Champion to No 50. For the Grand Final, only the top 32 Selangorians are selected for the Grand Final.

Can I play in all 4 categories? If you are a girl below the age of 12, you are technically eligible to enter in all categories. If you have the stamina to play 32 competitive games over 2 days, by all means – you are welcome to do so.

Where/How do I register? Download the following document and click on the relevant link to register https://malaysiachess.org/selangor-xtiv-event/

What is the entry fees? There is no entry fees. Registration is free

What is the maximum number of entries for each category? No more than 180 for the Open and U12 section, 160 players for the U18 and 100 players for the Ladies. Closing Date for Series 1 is 31st March 2021. Entries will not be accepted after this date even if the registration number is not met.

Is this a FIDE Rated event? This is not a FIDE Rated event but, it will be tabulated as Rated for Malaysian Chess Rating Point listing to be launched in June 2021

What is the online platform used for the event? MCF uses TORNELO as its playing platform because the Swiss pairing engine is similar to Swiss Manager, and playing environment is similar with Over The Board event. Example: In time trouble, player can claim for draw and if Arbiter agrees, the game can be declared as draw by the Arbiter, and the result will show the same

How do I know if my registration has been accepted? We will publish all names in TORNELO platform once the closing date has lapsed.

For simple registration, please scan the following QR code:

MCF Secretariat