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Following a meeting with OCM last week, and another session with OCM top brass earlier this morning led by Tan Sri Dato’ Sri (Dr.) Mohamad Norza Zakaria, OCM together with the SEA Games Committee have agreed with MCF’s selection of its 10 players squad to the upcoming Hanoi SEA Games to be held in May 2022.

In line with previous practices, only IM Yeoh Li Tian has been categorized as a Category A athlete where his expenses will be taken up by OCM – in view of the Gold Medal he earned in Manila 3 years ago, whereas the rest of the team falls under Category B athlete where the cost of participation will need to be borne by the Federation and/or by the players themselves. However, if any of the players are able to bring a medal back to Malaysia, there is a good chance that OCM will reimburse the cost for the player either partially or in total. MCF is also proud to announce the appointment of FM Sumant Subramaniam as the squad Team Manager for the SEA Games.

Scheduled from the 10th of May 2022 – a week after Raya, the Chess event at SEA Games will start with the Classical event followed by Rapid Individual, Rapid Team, Blitz Individual, and Blitz Team which is scheduled on the last day of the event on 21st of May 2022. For each event discipline, each country is allowed to field no more than 2 Men and 2 Women players.

The Men and Women Team for the SEA Games are as follows:
1) IM Yeoh Li Tian
2) FM Wong Yinn Long
3) FM Lye Lik Zang
4) FM Lim Zhuo Ren
5) Poh Yu Tian
6) WIM Puteri Munajjah Az Zahraa Azhar
7) WFM Tan Li Ting
8) WFM Puteri Rifqah Fahada Azhar
9) WCM Sim Jia Ru
10) WCM Chua Jia-Tien

“This is probably one of Malaysia’s strongest teams in recent years – for both Men and Women, with one of our younger shining stars that we have in Poh Yu Tian who is only 13 years old this year” – Akhramsyah TS Sanusi (MCF President)

MCF wishes the team all the best in their endeavors and hopes that the Chess Squad will be able to haul in more medals at this year’s event to match or outmatch IM Yeoh Li Tian’s success 3 years ago! ALL THE BEST TEAM!

MCF Secretariat