• 10:24 pm Wrapping Up 2023 with more events in store
  • 12:06 am Sabah to Host Eastern Asia Juniors and Girls Chess Championship 2023
  • 10:13 pm MCF Names Its Junior Squad to World Youth CC in Italy
  • 12:08 pm MCF Sets Up Arbiter’s Commission
  • 6:07 pm MCF Names Its Cadets Squad to Egypt

It has come to the attention of the Malaysian Chess Federation that disrespectful remarks were made about a female chess player via social media recently.

MCF views such remarks with deep concern and will conduct a necessary investigation accordingly. MCF wishes to make it very clear that we do not condone such behavior and comments.

MCF stands for equal respect to be accorded to all chess players, including men, women and children.

It has further come to our attention that this individual is passing himself off as a national coach. Whilst MCF has no knowledge of his terms of appointment with other authorities in relation to the National University chess team, MCF wishes to clarify that this individual is neither a committee member of the Federation nor a national coach that is recognized or appointed by the Federation.

MCF Secretariat