• 4:52 pm Malaysia wins 4 gold and 3 silver in the 8th Eastern Asian Youth Rapid Championship
  • 1:12 pm Eastern Asian Youth Chess Championship kicks off in George Town, Pulau Pinang
  • 8:07 pm Olympiad Team Dominates 2024 PMX National Classical Team Open Chess Championship!
  • 11:09 pm Salam Maal Hijrah
  • 3:13 pm MCF Rating Updated for May and June – UPDATED

After months of preparation and fine-tuning – not to mention work being stopped due to COVID issues, MCF is launching the long-awaited Registration Portal and Rating System for the Malaysian Chess Community. The main objective of the Registration Portal is to manage and monitor the growth of the Malaysian Chess population, and allow events to be rated – hence classified as “National Rated Event” as an alternative to organizing FIDE Rated events or non-sanctioned events.

Registration can be done by going to the MCF Rating website and selecting the following registration type: Player, Arbiter, Trainer, or Organizer.

To register as Arbiter and/or Trainer, you must first obtain the necessary title from FIDE – such as International Arbiter (IA) or FIDE Trainer (FT), before your application can be approved. Local coaches who do not have a title but would like to register as a recognized Trainer will have the opportunity to do so once MCF introduces a Trainer Certification which is expected to roll out later in the year.

To register as Organizer, aside from having an Arbiter title (IA/FA or NA), the applicant is also required to submit a short overview of the events that he/she has organized (at least 5 events – a mix of Online and Over the Board events in the last 2 years) before the Organizer title can be awarded.

Once you have completed your registration, a verification link will be sent to your registered email address for confirmation purposes. The Federation advises everyone to check their Junk/Spam folders as the verification email may be directed to these folders.

The approval process will take approximately three (3) to five (5) working days for it to be verified by the Malaysian Chess Federation and for your registration to be accepted. Please take note that registering as an Arbiter, Trainer or Organizer will also identify you as a Player. Each registration is valid for two (2) years and needs to be renewed at the end of the term.

Once the registration is approved, each person will receive the following certificate to acknowledge him/her as active chess personnel within the community.

During the introduction phase, MCF encourages all players to catch the promotional rate which offers a discount of more than 50% from the usual fees:

Please go to https://rating.malaysiachess.my/default.aspx to start registering as an active player/Arbiter/Trainer/Organizer and supporter within the MCF Community. All payments to be credited to MCF Account at PERSEKUTUAN CATUR MALAYSIA (CIMB : 8000649725)

All registration will remain valid for two (2) years and must be renewed upon expiration. A new certificate will be issued once the renewal is completed to mark the new active period.

From March until 31st December 2022, organizers can request for their event to be rated without any charges. However, starting from 1st January 2023, the rate shall be RM100 per event with no additional charges imposed for the players. Organizers must take note that from 1st August 2022, MCF Rated events must be organized by an MCF registered Organizer with an MCF registered Arbiter (as the Chief Arbiter/Deputy Arbiter) with at least 40% of the players registered with MCF.

** Effective dates are tentative and may change without notice

As more and more players sign up in the Registration portal, more benefits and activities will be introduced such as monthly ranking, Awards and Rewards, and other gifts and promotional items to be given to the exceptional few.

MCF Secretariat