• 10:31 am Events Submitted for MCF Rating – and future MCF Rated events
  • 3:39 pm Malaysia to Organize Commonwealth Chess Championship 2023-24 from 19th to 28th February in Melaka
  • 10:25 pm Malaysians Youth To Participate At The 25th Asian Youth Chess Championship in Al-Ain, UAE
  • 1:03 am Eastern Asian Juniors and Girls Chess Championship 2023 Officially Kicked Off in Sabah
  • 12:42 pm ASIAN Online Chess Championship for Players with Disabilities

It is that time of the year again for MCF Online Blitz event – the 3rd event for 2021 for the 3rd Quarter of the year. The event will be held on 26th September 2021 (Sunday) starting at 2:30pm and to conclude by 6:00pm on the same day.

As usual, the entry fees for the event are as follows:

Other Titled Players RM 15
All Rated Players RM 25
All Rated U18/U12 RM 20
Para Athlete RM 10

Prizes for the eventual winner are as follows – Champion (RM200), 2nd (RM150), 3rd (RM100), 4th (RM 70), 5th to 10th (RM40 each). Best Lady/Veteran/U18/U12/Para/Unrated will each received RM 40 but will require at least 2 players playing per category

Registration for the Blitz Q3 event can be done via the following link at https://forms.gle/JXtLj4yD95ZCDuzF8. As per the usual practice in all of MCF events, the Blitz Q3 will be organized over Tornelo platform and those who are interested to play, must use their actual names and sign up using their personal unique email address in order to be accepted to play in the event. For those who are yet to register as a player in tornelo, or have not played over tornelo platform, please register at www.tornelo.com

As per the previous series, the tournament shall be played over 11 rounds starting at 2:30pm and should end at about 6:30pm with a few breaks – to allow for player to rest, drinks with snacks, and for nature’s call. Time control is 3 minutes + 2 seconds increment and players must have a webcam installed (or can use a smart device to act as a camera) to be placed behind their back so that their computer screen, laptops, part of table, hand and player can be seen clearly by the Arbiter. Those who do not comply with the rules will forfeit their game and considered to have lost their game. Repeated offenders to the ruling may find themselves being expelled from the tournament by the Arbiters.

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Closing date to register will be 23rd September 2021 before midnight. As usual, players will be pooled in a Whatsapp Group messaging service – prior to the start of the event, to allow for the organizers to share news and other communications related to the event.

Come and join us and have fun in the event!

MCF Secretariat