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With more than 70 applications received from interested players (and parents) to be represent Malaysia at the upcoming FIDE Online Cadets & Youth Rapid World Cup 2021, it was tough to decide on the 30 most capable juniors for the task. After careful consideration, 28 players were selected – instead of 30, as only a single Girl player applied for the U10 Girls slot. All the other categories and age group, were fiercely contested and in the end, the following 28 was selected.

The Malaysian Chess Federation has sent congratulatory emails and Whatsapp to all those selected, and to those who did not make the cut, to further improve and continue to play chess actively as there will be more opportunities in the future. The next few days now is to get the team ready and to finalize the registration with FIDE in order to confirm our participation.

The 28 players selected are as follows:
1) Kavin Mohan
2)Lee Yun Rui
3) Muhammad Ismakhaizuran Khomisajie

1)Shakti A/P Nathan

1) Poh Yu Tian
2) Anderson Ang Ern Jie
3) Lai Hong Jun

1) Nureen Darwisyah Insyirah Bt Mohd Bustamanizan
2) Ashwiniy A/p Kumaran
3) Subhaashini Siva A/p Prakash

1) Darshan A/l Revinthran
2) Uzair Bin Shahar
3) Koay Yu Hang

1) Agnes Chong Kai Ni
2) Mirza Irdina Bt Muzamil
3) Saffiah Maisarah Bt Mohd Fadzli

Some of the country’s leading Juniors – (clockwise from top left) – Kavin Mohan, Lee Yun Rui, Mirza Irdina, Anderson Ang

1) Tan Yi Xun
2) Loo Pin Xie
3) Lim Jing H’ng

1) Sim Jia Ru
2) Farihah Nur Aisyah Bt Mohd Azman
3) Ong Zhiwei

1) Tan Jun Ying
2) Muhd Faqih Bin Aminuddin
3) Muhammad Emir Rasyid Bin Emran

1) Chua Jia-Tien
2)Nur Faiqah Bt Aminuddin
3) Nur Batrisya Wafa Bt Mohsen

The Malaysian Chess Federation congratulates all those selected and wishing them all the best and all the success that they can achieve.

MCF Secretariat