• 4:25 pm Another International Event Looms – 8th Eastern Asian Youth Chess Championship 2024
  • 12:13 am Malaysian Chess Championship 2024 – Here We Go!
  • 1:20 pm National Youth Chess Championship 2024 – 25th to 27th May 2024 (UTP, Seri Iskandar, Perak)
  • 3:15 pm Malaysian Chess Championship 2024 – Updates

The Malaysian Chess Federation is compiling a list of Trainers to be submitted to the National Sports Institute (ISN) to be recognized as Chess Trainers in the country. ISN has requested the names be forwarded to them before 30th April 2023 for it to be compiled and recorded. To establish the list, MCF calls for all Chess Trainers who have passed FIDE Trainers Seminars to register as Trainers in the MCF Registration Portal by the 25th of April 2023 by going to https://rating.malaysiachess.my/register.aspx

Those who have Registered as Players and would like to add Trainers, please write to mcfsecretariat@malaysiachess.org and provide proof of payment for RM30 for the addition to be made. Organizers and Arbiters who want to do the same, just write in without having to pay any additional amount. When writing in, please identify your MCF ID number and your FIDE Trainer qualification as those without the qualification will not be entertained.

As of April 2023, Malaysia has 139 trainers that have passed FIDE Trainer’s exam however, only 7 are licensed.

For the first round of submission to ISN, MCF will send the names of all trainers that have registered in the MCF portal regardless of their FIDE license status. However, trainers must update their license with FIDE Trainer’s Commission before 1st June 2023 failing which, their names will be dropped from the Trainer’s list. Trainers can check their status by going to their FIDE Profile to check their license validity. Those wishing to update their status are advised to visit FIDE Trainer’s Commission website at https://trg.fide.com/trg-billing-collection-procedures/

To promote trainers who have been accredited by FIDE, MCF will use this list as its official list when requested by organizations, groups, schools, or individual players interested in getting trainers or coaches. MCF will also publish the names of Trainers and their contact details on our website for the community to refer to in the near future.

MCF Secretariat