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FIDE will be organizing their 4th Chess in Education Lecturer courses to be conducted online from 15th to 17th April 2022. Together with its Chess in Education Commission (EDU) and “Chess” Scientific Research Institute (CSRI), the course is limited to a maximum of 20 people (first come, first served) and registration is open until 13th April 2022. Acceptance to the course is not automatic as FIDE will review your CV and your qualification before making the final decision to allow you to attend the course so, please make sure that you understand what the requirements are before applying.

The objectives of the course are to:
• Develop and enhance the skills of effective teaching of chess basics,
• Enhance the ability of using active and interactive teaching methods,
• Improve positive professional communication skills.
The course is recommended for educators/teachers who have experience in chess, and who are interested to teach chess in schools.

The entire course will take 3 days to complete with 15 hours of lecture time and 1 project to complete. Outline of the daily subject covered are as follows:
Day 1
1. Introduction (100 minutes)
2. Teaching the chessboard (130 minutes)
3. Project assignment (10 minutes)
Day 2
1. Interdisciplinary chess & educational chess (10 minutes)
2. Chessmen: values, moves and set up (115 minutes)
3. Check. Mate. Stalemate. (115 minutes)
Day 3
1. Presentation of assignments (The projects are not presented. Participants need to send it by email)
2. Problem solving skills. Teaching playing skills (120 minutes)
3. Effective teaching skills and Course summary (75 minutes)
4. Exam (45 minutes)

The cost of training is €75, which covers both access to materials and preparation, and the exam. Those who successfully pass the course will receive the diploma of Certified FIDE Chess in Education Lecturer (CEL). This is valid for three years, and it implies an administrative fee of €50.

Applications for the course are open till April 13.. If you want to apply, please fill in the Registration Form for “Preparation of Lecturers” and send it to edu.chairman@fide.com with a copy to edu.senioradviser@fide.com. Your CV & Motivation letter should pay special attention to your relevant experience in “educational chess”, rather than “sport chess”. Please read the following article on FIDE website by CLICKING HERE to understand the differences between these two concepts.

Interested persons do not need MCF permission to attend the course, but are requested to inform MCF of their interest and/or when they have passed the exam and after being awarded the certificate for MCF records and references.

All the best and Good Luck!

MCF Secretariat