• 10:31 am Events Submitted for MCF Rating – and future MCF Rated events
  • 3:39 pm Malaysia to Organize Commonwealth Chess Championship 2023-24 from 19th to 28th February in Melaka
  • 10:25 pm Malaysians Youth To Participate At The 25th Asian Youth Chess Championship in Al-Ain, UAE
  • 1:03 am Eastern Asian Juniors and Girls Chess Championship 2023 Officially Kicked Off in Sabah
  • 12:42 pm ASIAN Online Chess Championship for Players with Disabilities

With the situation almost getting back to normal, many Over-The-Board events have been scheduled in addition to the numerous online events that are still actively ongoing. Nonetheless, organizers for Over-The-Board events must continue to comply with the SOPs enforced by the Kementerian Belia dan Sukan (Please CLICK HERE to download the SOP). As stated, organizers must register their event with the Commissioner of Sports or shall be at risk of being reported and/or summoned for not complying with the regulations. MCF would like to remind that organizers including officials running such events without the necessary approval from KBS or any other authorities, may face being blacklisted or have their Arbiter license revoked or suspended.

Organizers are also advised to be more sensitive when using or naming their events like “National” or “International” levels as it may confuse players and participants that their event has a National or International accreditation when this is not the reality. Only the Malaysian Chess Federation, COS and/or KBS – especially for International level events, have the authority to approve such a status. Although an event may be recognized by other authorities or parties, it does not give organizers the right to abuse or misuse the event status and in this case, it would be helpful for them to refer to MCF or COS before promoting any event that they are organizing.

In general, MCF has never rejected any application from any organizers unless the organizer or officials involved have arrears with the Federation, did not comply with some of the event requirements – such as obtaining approval from the respective State Affiliate or did not submit their application in a timely manner. At most, MCF will request that the organizer move their organizing date to another date if there is another major tournament organized on the same date and within the same area.

The following events have been approved or are waiting for approval from MCF and/or its state affiliates.

MCF Secretariat