• 10:46 pm MCF To Reimburse Almost RM50k To All State Affiliates
  • 11:31 am Malaysia Ranked 7th in FIDE Gender Equality in Chess Index
  • 3:08 pm Welcome Home World Youth Squad
  • 11:17 pm MCF Crowns New (and young!) Rapid and Blitz Chess Champions
  • 7:52 pm Postponement of Interstate Event to 28th December 2023

On Friday, 4th March 2022, all National Sports bodies including The Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) was given a reminder by the Commissioner of Sports with regards to the SOPs required for organizing sporting events. The reminder also requested all the National Sports bodies to share and remind everyone within their respective sports community of the latest SOP requirement with regards to the approval process required before an event can be organized.

All organizers including state or district associations, clubs including independent organizers or companies, are required to submit their application to organize events to the Office of the Commissioner of Sports for approval before an event can be organized. A sports body registered under COS intending to organize a local event would need to submit their application to organize no less than 14 days before the event is scheduled whilst non-sports entities are required to submit their application at least 30 days before their event is scheduled. For international events, a submission for approval needs to be made at least 90 days before the event is scheduled for both sports and non-sports entities.

For more information, interested parties intending to organize an event can contact the Commissioner of Sports to get more information and clarification on the matter. A letter from COS is also available for you to download by CLICKING HERE.

The Malaysian Chess Federation requests that all interested organizers, associations, and clubs adhere to these processes and requirements as it can result in legal procedures taken by the authority against organizers who failed to abide by these rules. While MCF supports and encourages more activities for the chess community, the need to follow the processes imposed by the authority must not be neglected.

MCF Secretariat