• 12:40 pm Online Arbiters Workshop – Conducted by ASIAN Chess Federation
  • 6:37 pm XTiv Series Grand Prix Leaders (Corrected for Open)
  • 12:46 pm Xtiv Series 4 Registration is NOW OPEN!
  • 4:08 pm XTiv Series 3 – Players are advice to check email and click Ready in Tornelo
  • 8:39 pm MCF Online Blitz Chess Tournament 2021 – Quarter 2

Pursuant to the agreement between MOE/KPM and MCF on matters related to MOE/KPM National and International accredited events, the following process has been agreed for organizers to submit their application to organize and manage such event(s):

  1. All applications for approval shall go through the respective state association (with copies made to drzaidanzulkipli@gmail.com, mcfsecretariat@malaysiachess.org and inquiries@malaysiachess.org) at least six (6) weeks before the start of the event. The state shall then forward their decision to MCF for its final approval.
  2. In the absence of a state association, or if there is a lack of response from the state association within seven (7) days after the request has been submitted, or if the request has been denied by the state association, the request can be escalated to MCF via the same email addresses as above.
    • In the event the application has been denied, MCF will provide the necessary reasons to the organizer with a proposed resolution to rectify the requirements.
  3. Once MCF has approved the application, an email will be sent to the organizer with a copy to MOE/Puan Rabitah for their further approval.
  4. There will be no additional fees imposed by MCF but the organizers will need to adhere to the following guideline:
    • For National event, the Chief Arbiter should be an approved National Arbiter, FIDE Arbiter or International Arbiter recognized by the Federation
    • For International level event, FIDE approval and guidelines need to be complied with before an approval can be given. However, if the organizer does not intend to apply for FIDE rated, the International guidelines will still need to be fulfilled by having a FIDE Arbiter or International Arbiter to act as the Chief Arbiter couple with other MOE requirements such as having at least 5 countries (including Malaysia) participating in the event.

The process will be updated as and when improvement is identified, and will be published here in the website. For inquiries, please write to inquiries@malaysiachess.org

Refer https://malaysiachess.org/kpm-event-application/ for any latest update

Application forms to organize a KPM Level event can be downloaded at www.chess-malaysia.com/KPMApplication.xlsx

MCF Secretariat