• 4:25 pm Penang A Crowned As National Inter-State Chess Champion 2022
  • 5:51 pm CONGRATULATIONS FM (soon to be IM) Rohan Shan Tze Navaratnam
  • 10:41 pm New NA (National Arbiter) Title Awarded
  • 1:32 am The National States Chess Championship 2022 – Sabah (21st Nov to 24th Nov 2022)
  • 6:14 pm 6th Eastern Asia Youth Chess Championship 2022 – Players Confirmed

The following is the list of FIDE Trainers / Instructors that are due for renewal. There are a few names that has been inactive but, will be given a chance to reactivate their respective licenses. 

For those interested to renew, please email to mcfsecretariat@malaysiachess.org and inquiries@malaysiachess.org to receive advice on payment and documentation instructions.All payments and documentations must be received before 20th November 2019

Below is the list of those already paid. If there is any mistake please send us an email (updated 21/11/2019)

NoNameFIDE IDTitle AwardedYear
LicenceEuro RM Status
1Abdullah Ronei5707935National Instructor20172019-202230150Paid to MCF on 5/2/2019
2Ahmad Rostam Ahmad Izzuddin5727731FIDE Instructor20172019-202260300Paid to MCF (contra payment)
3Chuah Jin Hai Jonathan5700876FIDE Trainer20172019-2022120600Paid to MCF on 02/02/2018
4Erowan Masrin5701760FIDE Instructor20162019-202260300Paid on 22/4/2018
5Fong Choong Ee5701031FIDE Instructor20172019-202260300Paid on 29/4/2019
6Gerijan Dinesh5734410National Instructor20162019-202230150Paid. Receipt dated 3 April 2019
7Goh Jit Siang5740100National Instructor20172019-202230150Paid to MCF on 2/4/2019
8Hoy Weng Keung5731410National Instructor20162019-202230150Paid to MCF on 9/4/2019
9Husin Mohd Khairil5742822National Instructor20172019-202230150Paid to MCF on 3/4/2019
11Jamal Sulaiman5714060FIDE Instructor20152019-202260300Paid to MCF on 21/4/2019
12Johari Justafahary5723671National Instructor20172019-202230150 Paid to MCF on 3/4/2019
13Jusoh Muhamad Rizal5702605National Instructor20072019-202230150Paid to MCF on 2/4/2018
14Madhavan Collin5700116FIDE Trainer20132019-2022120600Paid to MCF on 17 April 2019
15Mahruf Anizan5702739FIDE Instructor20172019-202260300Paid to MCF on 12/4/2019
16Mansor Mohd Fadzly5734428National Instructor20162019-202230150Paid to MCF on 26/4/2019
17Narayanasamy N. Annadurai5704260National Instructor20172019-202230150Paid to MCF on 19/11/2019
18Ooi Kok Hwa5727626National Instructor20152019-202230150Paid to MCF on 2/4/2019
19Petrus Gamu Julius5742838FIDE Instructor20172019-202260300Paid to MCF on 29/4/2019
20Sahari Abang Mohd Reduan5700990FIDE Instructor20172019-202260300Paid. Receipt dated 6th December 2018
21Subramaniam Sumant5702720FIDE Trainer20172019-2022120600Paid to MCF on 6/10/2019
22Taip Zulhimat5738024National Instructor20172019-202230150Paid to MCF on 12/4/2019
23Teh In Hooi5727456National Instructor20172019-202230150Paid to MCF on  3/5/2019
24Teh Wee Zhun5707277FIDE Instructor20172019-202260300Paid to MCF on 8/4/2019
25Yeoh Phee Leong Marcus5701481FIDE Instructor20172019-202260300Paid to MCF on 25/04/2019